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FAQ - WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - Submarine Simulation Series

- Is WOTA out yet?

- When will WOTA be released?
WOTA: U 96" will be released in 2017. "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic" will be released many months later than WOTA: U 96..

- What are the minimum requirements to run WOTA?
WOTA will run on iPhone 4S or higher, iPod touch 5 Gen or higher, iPad 2 or higher and iPad mini 1 Gen. or higher. It will be adjusted to run smoothly on any supported device and it will offer better graphics quality on newer devices. For new buyers
I currently (january 2015) would recommend an iPad mini 2 which offers you a great performance at a low price.

- Will WOTA run on other mobile Platforms?
The plan for mobile platforms is to release for iOS only. But other mobile platforms could be possibly supported after the desktop versions are out. iOS has the highest priority for me - if you want to play WOTA on mobile devices then your next choice should be an iOS device.

- Will WOTA be available on the Mac, PC or Linux
Yes, as soon as "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic" for iOS is out the work on the Mac version will start. The game will be ported from Mac to PC and Linux after that.

- Why isn't WOTA released yet?
WOTA is made by a single developer since 2009. It is a very complex task and it needs a lot of time. Titles like WOAT are usually made by large teams. Another factor is the
pareto principle. But the most important reason is that WOTA is a high quality product, offers high-end mobile graphics and serious level of realism and accuracy.

- What does WOTA mean?
Wolves of the Atlantic

Another question? (one that is not related to the release date)
Please contact me: m a r k (at) h e s s b u r g . c o m

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