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FAQ für SunGPS (english)


SunGPS requires activated Location Services to determine your GPS position and to calculate the azimuth and height of the sun. You need an active connection to the internet to get additional information from a nearby METAR weather station and the GeoNames Server. iPod touch and first generation iPhone users need an active internet connection, otherwise Location Services will not work.


• “Altitude (GPS)” isn’t working on my iPod or 1st Generation iPhone.
GPS-determined  altitude requires iPhone 3G, 3GS or newer.

• One or more weather items are not available (n/a).
The weather station does not provide this METAR information, but it is possible that the
Information will be available with one of the next weather updates.

• All information but my GPS position and the Sun calculation is not available (n/a).
The GeoNames Server might be timed out - please restart SunGPS.

• SunGPS does not display the altitude (data) - (n/a).
This might be displayed when there is no data available for your location (for example,
out in a large body of water  and outside 83N and 65S latitude) - Or the required script
of the the GeoNames Server might be timed out, restarting SunGPS might help.

• SunGPS displays “No nearby toponomy found” (n/a).
This might be displayed when GeoNames does not provide any data for your location or
example, out in a large body of water and outside 83N and 65S latitude) - Or the required
script of the the GeoNames Server might be timed out. Restarting SunGPS might help.

• Altitude (GPS) and Altitude (data) differs and/or neither seems to be 100% correct.
Due to inherent limitations of GPS technology altitude determined via GPS is not 100%
accurate. Sometimes the difference from your real altitude is up to +-70 meters. GPS
works best outside of buildings. Altitude (data) is determined by your location and a
database based on the Aster Global Digital Elevation Model, the sample resolution 
of this elevation model is 30mx30m between 83N and 65S latitude.

• The weather information doesn't seem to be accurate.
SunGPS displays data provided by the weather station located closest to your position.
Divergences will be higher and greater distances. Usually the weather stations update
their METAR information every hour; some stations might provide larger update intervalls.

• The simulation of twilight seems to be wrong.
SunGPS simulates Sunrise & Sunset under clear weather conditions. Clouds may let the
sky appear much darker at higher sun heights than under better weather conditions. Future 
Updates of SunGPS may simulate Sunrise and Sunset under different weather conditions.

• Sunrise and Sunset times are not correct.
Time and timezone settings of your device must be set to your current location’s correct
timezone. Sunrise and sunset calculations work best between 60N and 60S latitude.
Outside this zone the error rate rises proportionally as you move north or south.

Any questions?
Please contact me: m a r k (at) h e s s b u r g . c o m

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