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FAQ - WOTA: U-Boat Compass

- Speedometer does not show up
iOS devices without cellular: Speedometer requires a built-in GPS chip, Hence the speedometer won't work.
iOS devices with cellular: Please wait, the speedometer will show up once your device has found a stable signal from the GPS satellites.

- Angle of list shows incorrect values
Angle of list works best when you hold your device horizontally or lay it on a flat surface like a table.
The values have a range of +- 90° (at any angle higher than that your vessel would have been be capsized anyway)

- Some settings are sometimes missing in the settings menu
The settings menu shows only settings for those features that are actually available at a given moment. When your location services isn't eneables or you currently don't have a good GPS connection then features that requires these services won't be visible. True north and the speedometer for example.

- True north was set but obviously the compass shows magnetic heading
Please be patient, true north will be activated as soon as your device has found your correct location.

- Compass card still rotates while the device is not moving at all.
The app uses the gyroscope to improve the compass
, it uses the last reported heading for that. Sometimes the hardware will report a new and better heading and the compass card rotates to correct the heading.

Another question?
Please contact me: m a r k (at) h e s s b u r g . c o m

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