Newton’s Dice 3D


No dice at hand? So far there are many dice Apps available, but this one is really unique!

For the first time you will have the real dice experience: Shake the cup, watch them rolling and jumping, you will hear the sound of the slightest movement of the dice - the simulation

is so realistic you might even see cocked dice! This all is placed in a back-room gambling style 3D environment using stunning camera tracking shots.

That's not all: Newton's Dice 3D comes with two popular dice games!


• Dice Simulator in a full 3D Environment

• Physics simulation using the Nvida PhysX™ engine

• Play against AI or up to 4 others!

• Use up to 6 dice

• Simulator: Option to lay dice aside (useful for some Styles of dice games)

• Shake the dice cup by shaking your device.

  1. Ultra realistic dice sounds (depending on collision reports of the physics engine)

• Comes with 2 Games:

   The popular family game "Dice 10000" (also called Zilch, Foo, Boxcar, Bogus or
   Crap Out)  and the classic pub game "Shut the Box" (also called Tric-Trac,
   Canonga or Klackers)

First product of the PhysicsDice3D series: Newton’s Dice 3D

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